Review – Mar ’14

Roland – Head of the Motorhome Planet has just reviewed ‘Some People Prefer Hotels’. He has obviously appreciated what I set out to do, i.e. write a travel book that will not only appeal to everyone whether they own a motorhome or not.Motorcaravanners' Club Magazine - Nov '13 review

He says,” Some People Prefer Hotels is unmistakably genuine, and the author has elevated this book above the usual motorhome diaries by skilfully intertwining the tale of his motorhoming baptism of fire with memories of family holidays when his children were young. The result is a very enjoyable read that’s certain to strike an evocative chord with almost anyone who has ever holidayed in the UK.

This book deserves to be a success and I’d recommend it to anyone with an affection for (or aversion to) motorhomes and British campsite holidays.”

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