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“Really enjoyed this book, I could relate so much to ‘motor home life’ as we have our own little motor home.
Wishing Nigel would write another book, very well written. and made me long to be out and about in my motor home.”


“A well written, informative and very funny book. Love the tales of times gone by and descriptions of the places visited. One to be picked up at every opportunity. A very enjoyable read and very good value for money.”

Diana Edwards

“Some People Prefer Hotels is a delightful account of Nigel’s first trip in his newly purchased motorcaravan. It’s a great read for any active motorcaravanner – they’ll recognise the frustrating moments as well as sharing in the sheer joie de vivre that permeates both our shared lifestyle and this well-written tale. In addition it’s an absolute ‘must have’ for those considering purchase, first timers and greenhorns. We’ve all been there and now we are hooked!”

Gentleman Jack Bancroft (Motor Caravanner Magazine et al)

“Nigel tells how his eventful holiday was with brutal honesty, as befitting an Engineer with integrity. Its scope is much broader than the motorhome holiday, though. Consequently, there is a rich source of knowledge with lessons to be learned. The appendices are particularly useful and I am still thoroughly enjoying reading it. I haven’t finished it owing to achieving the status of re-employment, but I shall.

Believing that the Cornish Celts had been sufficiently subdued and this English possession was at rest, mostly, my wife and I paid our first visit to those parts in November 2013 to inspect the interest we had in a hotel property.

We had toyed with buying a “motor-home,” for some time, but decided that it would be too cumbersome to effect a rapid retreat from the colony in the face of a resurgence of unrest. Anyhow, on our return, not only were we relieved that our interest was secure and developing well in St. Ives but, on reviewing and printing some photographs of the gorgeous places we visited, I found that a Mr. Nigel Rowland Hicks had written about his experience with a “motor home” and travelled to some of those self-same places into which we had ventured .

Although our experience was without the ghastly irritations he suffered, he well describes the places in Cornwall to the extent that I should have preferred reading it before we went.

Perhaps because November does not attract too many “foreigners” such as ourselves, we doubly enjoyed the glorious weather without much interference. We were welcomed by the warm-hearted natives and enjoyed our holiday. [For genuine Foreigners (non UK nationals,) I should note that for some peoples of the British Isles, anyone who is not a native of the locality where such sentiments about "foreigners" are exercised - usually those that claim a Celtic inheritance in Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Cornwall, oh, and Yorkshire, Northumberland and the peoples of the Socialist Republics of London, Islington, Newham, Haringey, etc. - are considered "foreigners."]

Generally, Nigel writes with similar colourful language and quite frank about his own shortcomings and I can laugh with him and commiserate with his long-suffering wife.

My only gripe about the book, well it isn’t a gripe really, but I do drive a 4×4, a Landrover Discovery. It may be something of a tank on the roads but it is also a defence against other idiot road users. And as Nigel found, they are not just confined to the roads.

Read the book – it’s very different from the usual travelogue but more entertaining and instructive for those which would contemplate a motorhome holiday.”

Chris Jacquier

“Some People Prefer Hotels is one man’s account of those first miles in a motorhome. He captures the steep learning curve in great detail: the trials, the successes, the fun and the freedom. He also offers asides which are informative and give the book an added dimension. Overall this was a fascinating read.”

“I bought this book with the intention of putting it in the motorhome and reading it while away, then started to read it ‘just a few pages’ and then just had to carry on to the end. Id recommend it to anyone with a motorhome/travel interest. We intend to do the tour as in the book this summer visiting the many places mentioned. A great read.”

Chris North

“Similar experiences as all of us “campers”. If you are considering a camper van or a caravan this book is essential reading, super!!”

Don Cresswell

“Brilliant book!”

Thomas Peek
- Amazon Customer

“A thoroughly good enjoyable read. Well written easy to pick and read from where you left off. Great holiday book for when you get time to yourself moments.

Good humour and informative at the same time. Good Do’s and Dont’s for anyone wanting to experience motor homing.
Loved the part when they drove into the narrow streets. I could picture being there and there longing to get away from their predicament!”

Colin Jarman
- Amazon Customer

“A great slow paced tour of one of Britain’s most popular counties”

“In my continuing support of local writers I am pleased to be able to review this book for Nigel who grew up in Fleet (Hampshire). Some People Prefer Hotels Motorhome Novices tour Cornwall is about Nigel and Emm’s enthusiasm for a motorhome and the learning curve which goes with being a novice.

With the children left home, they sink their savings in to a motorhome and plan a trip to Cornwall. They return to places they’ve visited in the past and found new places of interest too. Nigel writes with humour and a good dose of grumbling as things go wrong and the rain is determined to make its mark.

They take Monty the dog and visit some lovely places such as Trebah Gardens, St Michael’s Mount, Land’s End, Looe and Polperro. The book includes some wonderful photos and tips from Nigel about how best to navigate and park your own motorhome when visiting many of these sites.

With the trip at a final successful end, Nigel leaves the reader with a set of useful items he suggests you might need to survive your own trip. It’s a great slow paced tour of one of Britain’s most popular counties.”

- Rosie Amber
- An English Author who supports other writers and also Writes Book Reviews

“A brilliant book!”

“When you read this book, you join Nigel, Emm (his wife) and there dog Monty on their first ever motor-home holiday. You will enjoy the funny, frustrating and interesting times as though you were there with them.

I would recommend this book to anyone whether you like comedy, factual or travel books, there is something here for you. I am 13 years old and would , therefore, also recommend this book to anyone of any age.

Thank you for your help and getting me back into the swing of reading after my operation.”

- Adam Winter – Christchurch

This very detailed and funny account of holidaying in a motorhome will be reassuringly familiar to fellow motorhomers. The ups and downs come as no surprise to us – I’m glad we’re not alone in taking wrong turns and making false starts! Lots of lovely historical detail too about places visited recently and in years gone by. And yes… we also share many of your crotchety gripes!

- Hazel Jackson – Author of ‘Europe in a Motorhome’

The author’s travel writing is well observed and his engaging motorhome experiences will ring true with many of our readers and other motorhomers.

- Rob Ganley, Editor – Practical Motorhome Magazine

An affectionate and intimate journey into some of the lesser and most well known parts of the UK. This alternative take offers both real insight and pure entertainment. An endearing read!

- Jon Askill

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Some bits were very informative & other parts made me laugh out loud. Can’t wait for the sequel!

- John Lathey

‘Some People Prefer Hotels’ is unmistakably genuine, and the author has elevated this book above the usual motorhome dairies by skilfully intertwining the tale of his motorhome baptism of fire with memories of family holidays when his children were young. The result is a very enjoyable read that’s certain to strike a chord with almost anyone who has ever holidayed in the UK. The book deserves to be a success and I’d recommend it to anyone with an affection for (or aversion to) motorhomes and British campsite holidays.

- Roland Head –

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